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Ksenia Gnilitska

*1984 in Kyiv, Ukraine, lives in Kyiv.

Fragile of Identification

Russian or Ukrainian passport that was not an important issue for decades for the people living in Crimea or in the East-Ukraine. The borders were open and the national belonging played a minor role. But the reaction of the large economic blocks in relation to the revolution on Maidan, to the annexation of Crimea by Russia and the heating-up of the civil war in the East-Ukraine enforced a backward nationalism, which created a new borderline in Europe. Ksenia Gnilistka, who has worked mainly as a painter, initiated with these two chamotte objects a new working series – at the early days of Maidan in 2013, when the question of a stronger orientation of the Ukraine towards Europe or Russia was still not ruled by war and violence, but by a peaceful civil upheaval – at this time, she created the two passports as highly fragile proof of the concept of national identities.

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