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Nilbar Güreş

*1977 in Istanbul, Turkey, lives in Istanbul and Vienna, Austria.

My totems and me as a totem

A totem might be a symbol or sign for a very specific relation between a human being or between a group of individuals to nature, be it an animal or a river, mountain or natural phenomenon like rain or thunder. The many different elements depicted in the large collage might have such personal function for the artist. There are specific landscapes, fabrics as used in some of her performances or birds, which might carry a special memory. In such a way the work can be read as a self portrait.

Sisterhood of Religions

The three small drawings are an optimistic exercise in combing narratives, visual elements and symbols of three religions – Islam, Christianity and Judaism. Maybe it is a perfectly naïve but credible plea to concentrate on such historical overlapping in our attempt to understand metaphysical questions about God.

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