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Vladimír Houdek

*1984 in Nové Město na Moravě, Czech Republic, lives in Prague, Czech Republic.

Vladimír Houdek studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague at the studio from Vladimír Skrepl. In 2012 he reveived the Jindřich Chalupecký Award for young artists. With his painterly work, where collage and materiality of paint are combined and formal abstraction is tied with representational narration, he is part of a generation of painters, who define the space and impact for a painting in a new way – especially at a moment in time, when painting seems to have painted almost everything. Since Gerhard Richter, who has suspended with his work the pretended antagonism between abstraction and representation, in favour of a self-sustaining cosmos of painting, and since the insight, that every image, what we might create for the visual reality, is not a representation of the visual reality but instead always a reality in itself, painting has won a new freedom.

Untitled (M.D.)

A mysterious painting that shows a kind of target within a warm light. Above the target there is a curved , floating band, which distracts the look on its way from one side to the other and back. What kind of room is the painting referring to? Or does it really represent anything? Or, after everything was already photographed, mapped and shown, could it also be a new room, the visual space of a painting?

Liquid Scarlet

The fourty plates forming the work group 'Liquid Scarlet' are an excellent example for the open approach of a younger generation of painters to the multilayered and autonomous potential of panel painting.

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