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Piotr Łakomy

*1983 in Gorzów Wielkopolski, Poland, lives and works in Poznan, Poland.

Untitled (Torso)

Piotr Łakomy constructs in his work an aesthetic space, in which he enfolds the experience of his artistic vision between panel painting, installation and sculpture. The reduced colourfulness and poetic dimension of the materials applied beyond their usual function, convey in his works an intent tranquility and tension, which remind at the language of Arte Povera. Frequently his installations communicate something enigmatic. There is less the unfolding of a coherent narrative but rather a suggestion or a subtle allusion, which did not find yet the defined translation into text and language. In this way, also the three works in the Art Collection Telekom form a riddle with their reference to fragmentation of the bodily experience and disguise. A riddle, which cannot be solved by language but instead insists on the sensual power of art.

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