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Iza Tarasewicz

*1981 in Bialystok, Poland, lives in Bialystok and Munich, German.

Arena I

Iza Tarasewicz studied until 2008 at the Faculty for Sculpture and Performing Art at the Academy of Fine Art in Poznan. She lives in Bialystok and at the moment in Munich. In 2015 she was the winner of the 'View 2015 – Deutsche Bank Award' for young Polish artists with an exhibition at the Zacheta National Gallery in Warsaw.

The works by Iza Tarasewicz are characterized by a complex braid of possible interactions, transformations, transmutations and connections. They seem to act like of freeze frame, in which an unstable state of a constantly changing organic material structure is frozen. At the same time they evoke the impression of diagrams or three dimensional graphic models for highly complex processes. Consequentially, for the three works in the Art Collection Telekom 'Turba Turbo', 'Arena I' and 'ONCE INFORMATION HAS PASSED INTO PROTEIN' there is no fixed way of installing the works. These works can be displayed in different configurations.

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