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Maria Guta

*1983 in Bucharest, Romanie, lives in Suisse and Romania

Maria Guta studied at the National University of Art in Bucharest. In 2015 she finished her Master at the Ecole nationale d’art de Lausanne. The two motifs of her Olympics series deal with a futuristic scenario. They are part of a fictional poster campaign for Olympic Games, which will take place in 2168.

"Having them pictured as posters for The Olympic Games in 2168, I tried to imagine what would be some futuristic printing possibilities applicable in large scale campaigns for a stronger communication. Therefore, for the dark building image I thought of having an extra layer of glow-in-the-dark ink over the normal print, so that the lights of the building would actually be visible in the dark. For the portrait image, the slogan would be in silver ink." (Maria Guta, 2015)

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