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Kilobase Bucharest

KILOBASE BUCHAREST is an artistic project, which was founded in 2010 by Dragos Olea and Ioana Nemes as a nomadic art gallery. The aim was to test and expand the limits and the way the art market works and how artists can twist and bend the rules and expectations on how a gallery could function.
KILOBASE BUCHAREST is interested in exploring three main topics: economics, queer politics and the city of Bucharest. KILOBASE BUCHAREST slowly developed into a rather hybrid blob: artistic project, nomad gallery, producer of exhibitions or works for other artists, curator or co-curator, gallerist in one-off projects at art fairs.
Both works are from a larger ongoing series of portraits of artists during a working period with KILOBASE. This might include a trip on a Vaporetto during preparation of a contribution for the Venice Biennial as well as a creative break at the beach.

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