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27 August 2015

Vladimír Houdek - Levitationen

Vladimír Houdek´s (*1984 in Prague) first institutional soloshow in Germany  takes place under the title "Levitations" at the Overbeck-Gesellschaft in Lübeck.

The title „Levitations“ implicates metaphorically the fluent change between abstraction and figuration. In the physical sense of term, as well as in a parapsychological sense it translates an aesthetical state of uncertainty. Houdeks paintings, drawings, collages and films have geometrical principles. His compositions reach a certain deepth and plasticity. Even though he relates to geometrical principles of the present, one can still detect some reminiscences to historical ideas of the past, as as constructivism for example.

Vladimír Houdek
30.08 - 01.11.2015

Overbeck - Gesellschaft
Kunstverein Lübeck
Königstr. 11
23552 Lübeck
Opening hours Tue - Sun 10-17 Uhr

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