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16 December 2015

Šejla Kamerić: When the Heart Goes Bing Bam Boom

When the Heart Goes Bing Bam Boom is Šejla Kamerić´s first  solo exhibition in Turkey. The title "When the Heart Goes Bing Bam Boom" is taken from the lyrics of a punk-rock song and evokes one of the basic dilemmas of love and life: the co-existence of exhilaration and a constant sense of insecurity.

Kamerić's works often involve her personal experiences and memories of the Bosnian War (1992–1995). One of the most famous works by the artist Bosnian Girl  (2003) is part of the Art Collection Telekom.  Her self-portrait  June is June everywhere (2013), that is also presented in the exhibition is on loan from the Art Collection Telekom. 

When the Heart Goes Bing Bam Boom
Arter - Space for Art, Istanbul
11.12.2015 - 28.02.2016.

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