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03 February 2016

FLUIDITY – Kunstverein Hamburg

Works by Mladen Stilinović can be seen in the exhibition Fluidity at Kunstverein Hamburg until 10 April 2016.

The groupshow FLUIDITY traces the roots of conceptual art 50 years later. The dematerialization of the art object from 1966 to 2016 is a cross-reference show on the permanent state of transformation which surrounds us, focused on the so-called conceptual art that questions the world we live in. A world in which the old forms—of work, of behavior, of art—no longer fit and new forms have yet to be outlined.

Participating artists: Sarah Abu Abdallah, Heba Amin, Eleanor Antin, Darren Bader, Tyler Coburn, Simon Denny, Jason Dodge, Maria Eichhorn, Dora Garcia, Liam Gillick, Melanie Gilligan, Goldin+Senneby, Pierre Huyghe, Roberto Jacoby, Hanne Lippard, Lee Lozano, Mathias Poledna, Mladen Stilinović, UBERMORGEN.

Kunstverein Hamburg
30. January - 10. April 2016
Klosterwall 23
20095 Hamburg

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