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26 July 2016

Nevin Aladaǧ at Emscherkunst 2016

It is the third time the Emscherkunst presents contemporary art along the river Emscher. The triennial shows 25 new artworks in an exhibitionparcours of almost 50 kilometers. This years exhibtion is dedicated to the changes due to the renaturalisation of the riversystem and the transformation of the industrial landscape in the Ruhr area. Turkish born artist Nevin Aladaǧ created the "Breakwater" for Emscherkunst 2016.

The artist traces the imprint of the Ark Noah supposedly found by an Armenian pilot on the Mountain Ararat in Turkey with 60 breakwaters that are normally used in water engineering to secure shores on the area of the Hochwasserrückhaltebecken (HRB) in Dortmund.

Emscherkunst 2016 can be visited until 18. September 2016


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