Lito Kattou

Desert Walker


  • Lito Kattou, Desert Walker, 2019

    Aluminium, permanent ink

    198 x 131 cm

The 'Desert Walker' appears to be a quite enigmatic figure. It looks like a large silhouette with the contour of a scissor cut. However, the outline does not represent a clearly recognizable object. Different shapes are overlapping and intermingle together. Additional colour accents reinforce the impression of a space that does not correspond to any usual dimensional construction. A bird flies through this unusual space. A kind of dragon, a car tire, a plant, are laid out as additional transparent layers over this unknown world. People, plants, animals, and landscape, remain non-dimensional in a space that does not follow the laws of perspective. Layering, transparency, overlapping, penetration, and transparency - these are the dimensions of the sculptures that Lito Kattou develops. Compared to the physical worldview, this is perhaps a space that corresponds far more closely to our visual world of thoughts in our inner reflection.

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