Roman Ondak

Guided tour (Follow me)


  • Roman Ondak, Guided Tour (Follow Me), 2002, Videostill

    1 Channel video projection, colour, sound, 05'10"

What might the future look like in a city that lives on its past, on the many tourists that come not to see the socialist past of latter decades but the distant past in its architectural relics? Can a city like that change or is it frozen in its historic dress? Does it still offer prospects to young people beyond seasonal services in the tourist industry?

In Zadar, a town in southern Croatia, there was an opportunity to book a tour in the summer high season as part of Zadar Alive 2 / Intermuros 2002. The twelve-year-old tour guide did not touch on the historic past of the places, he told a slowly unfolding story about buildings that are being built and sporting successes that will be achieved in the future. This is documented by Roman Ondak in the short video 'Guided tour (Follow me)'.

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