Flaka Haliti

Its Urgency Got Lost in Reverse (While Being in Constant Delay)


  • Flaka Haliti, Its Urgency Got Lost in Reverse (While Being in Constant Delay), 2017, Photo Majlinda Hoxha

    Wallpaper, insulating foil, metal, plastic, paint; Photo: Majlinda Hohxa

    ca. 160 x 90 x 80 cm

The war in Kosovo from January 1998 to June 1999 only ended with NATO air strikes. The KFOR troops led by NATO continue to ensure a fragile ceasefire, even today in the middle of Europe in 2020. Flaka Haliti constructs her robot-like sculptures from the scrap metal, left behind by the massive presence of armed units in the country.

The funny looking robot-guy may be reminiscent of a fierce fighter from a video game, simply taking a rest. Beyond or behind the wall, which should be permeable in a digital virtual animation, there is a moment of hope and light-heartedness. There, the robot seems to have a second life, wearing wings that shine like a dragonfly in prismatic light.

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