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Little Warsaw

Little Warsaw was founded 1999 by the artist duo András Gálik (*1970 in Budapest, Hungary) and Bálint Havas (*1971 in Budapest, Hungary), both are living in Budapest.

Jaali – Horizontal

'Jaali' is the term for perforated stone or latticed screens with geometric patterns, which are used both in Indian architecture as well as in the Islamic architecture. In this work, Little Warsaw refer to construction details of the Városmajor Church in Budapest built 1932-33. The church in Hungary´s Bauhaus style was cast in concrete and combined elements of the Islamic and Indian architecture. Like in many of their artistic works, the artists reflect on the historical heritage.


Next to bigger conceptual projects Little Warsaw also create more private, poetic works. 'Fence' is part of those, a logo they developed in 2012. The artists discovered the hand-motif on a desk of their former school, the Secondary School of Visual Arts Budapest during a workshop with students.

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