Yane Calovski

Obsessive Setting (archive prototype I)


  • Yane Calovski, Obsessive Setting (Archive Prototype I), 2010

    Wood, metal, 3 colour photographs

    200 x 200 x 200 cm, photographs each 30 x 30 cm

Also the 'archive prototype I' refers, as the related drawings, to the master plan of the architectural office of Kenzo Tange to rebuild Skopje after the devastating earthquake in 1963. The sculptural unit plays with modular elements developed by the Japanese architect to function as a study and research for the minimum of space, required for sleeping, working and relaxation.
Three additional photographs are documenting the three still existing elements of the model for the new ideal city.

Especially in recent times, the current urban development programme 'Skopje 2014' fostering a new 'European city' has triggered many controversies. The construction of a gigantic Orthodox church, monumental statues of Alexander the Great and Philip II, new equestrian statues, historicizing facades and triumphal arches are reminiscent of the Serbian kingdom (1882 – 1912) or the time of Alexander the Great. The last traces of modernist and socialist urban planning of the 1960s are gradually being replaced.

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