Ioana Nemes

Rosetta (white, grey, black)


  • Ioana Nemes, Rosetta (White), 2009

    Height 60 cm, Ø 53 cm

    Rosetta (White) 2009

  • Ioana Nemes,  Rosetta (Grey), 2009

    Height 49 cm, Ø 63 cm

    Rosetta (Grey)

  • Ioana Nemes, Rosetta (Black), 2009

    Height 39 cm, Ø 79 cm

    Rosetta (Black) 2009

Romanian artist Ioana Nemes often used motivs and materials linked to the traditions of her native country in her artworks and rearranges them in a new context. The ornaments of the sculptural objects Rosetta come from old Romanian cheese stamps.

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