Mladen Stilinović

Ruka Kruha (Hand of Bread) I


  • Mladen Stilinović, Ruka Kruha (Hand of Bread) I, 1974

    Acrylic on cardboard

    70 x 100 cm

In 1976, at his first solo exhibition at Nova Gallery in Zagreb, Mladen Stilinović showed the series 'Ruka Kruha (Hand of Bread)' with other groups of works. At that time, the artist was also interested in a concept by Russian futuristic poets such as Velimir Khlebnikov and Aleksei Kruchyonyk to use language in a different way. 'Zaum' language was described by Aleksei Kruchenhyk in 1913 in the 'Declaration of the Word as Such' as a art–language that has no fixed meaning and expresses itself beyond rational contexts. The play with the meaning and sound of words, the colour red and the use of the colour white, which play a major role in many of Mladen Stilinović's works, is hinted at for the first time in the series.
Two works from this early exhibition are in the Art Collection Telekom.

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