Braco Dimitrijević



  • Braco Dimitrijevićm, THIS COULD BE A PLACE OF HISTORICAL IMPORTANCE, 1971–1973

    Marble plaque with guilded letters

    55,9 x 74,9 x 2,0 cm

The work by Braco Dimitrijević is shaped by an intellectual controversy about the inherent contradictions between historical importance and everday life, about the role and function of so called important personalities and the anyone, about a simple moment during the day and a supposedly historical moment. This is certainly a strong counterposition against political and ideological concepts, which tend to sacrifice the happiness of the individual for some future utopia of an abstract group. Since the 1980s his work is also concentrated about a confrontation between nature and art, between artistic creation of beauty and ideal forms in relation to natural existence and the banality of everyday objects.

The marble plaque 'This could be a place of historical importance' is an excellent example for the artistic concept of his work in the 1970s. It's a playful transfomation of meaning, a shift of importance and a hint at the fragility of all historical judgement.

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