Bagaki, Eleni


Eleni Bagaki

* 1979 Crete, Greece. Lives and works in Athens.

About Eleni Bagaki

In 2006, Eleni Bagaki completed her MA at Central Saint Martins, University of the Arts in London. Since then she was travelling, spending time in important artist residencies. For a few years now, she is back in Athens.

Eleni Bagaki works as a visual artist and author with texts and has published a number of books. In 2023 the poetry collection "Poems For Him". Short haiku-related poems, which also accompanied the exhibition "Something like a poem, a nude, and flowers in a vase" at the EMST National Museum for Contemporary Art in Athens in 2023.

Her current works revolve around emotions, ideas and thoughts, ephemeral feelings such as desire, longing, and the intense power of sexuality. She draws the fine non-verbal strands that determine and guide love, sexuality and intense relationships and may lead to exploding, often ambivalent feelings.

She develops sensual landscapes from a female perspective. Scenarios that are liberated from the dominance of the male gaze on the body and can overlay the mindless, bare aesthetics of prevailing pornography.

In my bedroom
it must be hard to be you

Eleni Bagaki, POEMS FOR HIM, 2023

  • Eleni Bagaki, Something Like A Poem A Nude And Flowers In A Vase, EMST Athens 2023, photo Studio Vacharidis
    Something Like A Poem, A Nude, And Flowers In A Vase, EMST Athens, 2023
  • Eleni Bagaki, She left, she left again, she left once more,... 2022, Agios Roccos Church, Chania-Kreta
    She left, she left again, she left once more,... Agios Roccos Church, Chania-Crete, 2022
  • Eleni Bagaki, Now You See Me, oh Now You Don't, New Studio, London 2016
    Now You See Me, oh Now You Don't, New Studio, London, 2016

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