Vlado Martek

Art Has No Alternative


  • Vlado Martek, Art Has No Alternative, 2016

    2 parts, B&W photography, typewriter text on paper, cardboard stencil, golden spray paint

    framed 39,9 x 31,7 cm, framed 51,3 x 71 cm

Within the oeuvre of Vlado Martek, the poetic agitations realized during the 197os and the 1980s were of partical importance. They were experimental performances that took place in the public space without any prior announcement. During these agitations the artist distributed messages to bypassers, poems for example or the invitation to read the writings of
Maykovski or Malevich. Under the rule of Tito this kind of behaviour was related with a significant personal risk for the artist.
'Art has no Alternative' is one of those poetic agitations, that took place in 1986 already in the final days of the communistic societal experiment in Yugoslavia.

Vlado Martek: "At the time of Yugosocialism one of the younger and major ideologists of the state, by the name of Cuvarko, claimed that 'socialism had no alternative'. Offended by the Vaticanism of his claim I started to ponder what really had no alternative in the framework of sociality of the 20th century. I used a golden spray."
One night he used the stencil to draw graffiti with the result of his considerations on different walls in Zagreb: 'Art has no Alternative'.

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