Radenko Milak / Roman Uranjek



  • Radenko Milak, Roman Uranjek, Dates, January 01 1966, Gorgona, 2015

    January 01 1966, Gorgona, 2015

    Watercolour, collage

    50 x 100 cm

    It's the 1st January 1966 and the important Yugoslawian artist group Gorgona performs an ironic homage to one of the Great Masters of the younger Avantgarde, Julije Knifer. In the other part there are collages from different works by Roman Uranjek and a quote from French Fluxus artist, Ben Vautier.

  • Radenko Milak, Roman Uranjek, Dates, February 19 1876, Flowers from the Studio of Brancusi, 2016

    February 19 1876, Flowers from the Studio of Brancusi, 2016

    Watercolour, collage

    36 x 52 cm

    The poster of a gallery for an art fair shows Constantin Brancusi in his studio photographed by Wayne Miller around 1945/1946. Roman Uranjek marked it with two white brush strokes. Next to it is a watercolour by Radenko Milak with flowers entitled 'February 19, 1876'. It is a tribute to the Romanian - French artist Constantin Brancusi, who was born on that day.

  • Radenko Milak, Roman Uranjek, Dates: May 15 1935, Malevich died, 2015

    May 15 1935, Malevich died, 2015

    Watercolour, collage

    36 x 100 cm

    Kazimir Malevich died of cancer in Leningrad on May 15, 1935. A version of the 'Black Square' hung on the deathbed above the body on the wall, according to the artist's wishes. The first version of the painting was presented in the legendary exhibition 'Last futuristic exhibition of painting 0.10 (zero – ten)' in what was then Petrograd from December 19, 1915 to January 19, 2016 together with works by 14 artists. The 'Black Square' hung in a corner under the ceiling along with 39 other works by Kasimir Malevich, which was usually reserved for the Icon in Russian houses. Milak Radenko re-documented the laying-out scene in his watercolour. Next to it is a collage by Roman Uranjek. It combines two typical war photographs that could have been made during the Vietnam War (or Indochina War from around 1946 to 1975).

'Dates' is a joint project by Radenko Milak and Roman Uranjek which started in early 2015. In their work, both artists deal independently with the phenomenon of seriality and time. In 2002 Roman Uranjek began with 'At least one cross a day after 1.1.2002'. Every day since he has created an artwork with a cross. The result can be read as an alternative to a diary.
A similar procedure applies to '365. Images of Time' by Radenko Milak. One watercolour for every day, refering to an event of the day without taking the year into account. The linear perception of time gets mixed up.
For 'Dates', Radenko Milak and Roman Uranjek have fused both series and created new dyptichs. Time and space are redefined by the artists.

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