Vlad Nancă

Flower Pots

2011 - 2013

  • Vlad Nancã, Flower Pots, 2011–2013

    6 handpainted ceramic pots, wooden shelf, tiles, plants

    Dimension variable

It is not always, what it seems to be. Vlad Nanca's flower pots resemble the leftovers of yoghurt and creamcheese and similar products. Who would guess that those pots are made out of ceramic and the logos and advertising are all carefully handpainted after the original? That each pot is a result of perfect craftmanship and a very fragile object. The artist is playing with our perception and turns the concept of readymade upside-down. All pots are for 'Smantana' – a kind of frech cheese or curd. In communist time, there existed only the product itself, not today there are dozens of different brands for nearly the same product.

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