Nancă, Vlad


Vlad Nancă

*1979 in Bucharest, Romania. Lives and works in Bucharest.

About Vlad Nancă

Vlad Nancă was born ten years before the revolution against the dictator Nicolae Ceauşescu. He studied there at the National University of Arts. The artist utilizes social networks to create a broad forum for contemporary Romanian art. The extensive network around the blog contains many articles by Vlad Nancă. He was a cofounder of 2020, an Internet community that was active between 2003 and 2008 and promoted Bucharest as the epicenter of contemporary art for the year 2020. On this website he describes himself with a healthy dose of humor: "Highly praised family man. 2020 procreator and art provocateur, pushing us into the unsettling ways of the future." Another website,, documents the rapid changes in the Bucharest cityscape.

Contemporary art is playing a key role in developing social structures, facilitating freedom of expression, and integrating these into a democratic process in many former Eastern blocs. Many young artists lived in the times of socialism, the world of their parents, and then watched it collapse in a matter of months. The resulting complex process of renewal, learning new values and new ways of behaving and understanding the structures and processes of a free-market economy, juxtaposed against the values of their parents’ generation is a source of inspiration for many artists.

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