Agnieszka Polska

Future Days


  • Agnieszka Polska, Future Days, 2013, Videostill

    1 Channel video projection, HD, colour, sound, 29'30''

The longer film, which is determined by monologues and conversations between the actors, was shot on the Swedish island of Gotland, the same location where Andrei Tarkovsky shot the outside scenes for his last movie 'Sacrifice' (1986). The actors wear masks, depicting artists, whose work and theories from the 1960s and 1970s are counted today among the groundbreaking works of art and concepts of that time. In the setting of the landscape, they meet in a Beyond after death, reflect on eternity and other artistis such as Richard Long, Bas Jan Ader, Robert Smithson and Edward Kienholz.

In the opening credits the artists are listed: Charlotte Posenenske (1930-1985), Jerzy Ludwińsky (1930-2000), Wlodzimierz Borowski (1930-2008), Paul Thek (1933-1988), Lee Lozana (1930-1999), Andrzej Szewczyk ( 1950-2001).

Agnieszka Polska corrects art history, by suggesting that the Polish avant-garde in the 1960s and 1970s developed similar theories and strategies like the Western avant-garde.

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