Gabriela Vanga



  • Gabriela Vanga George 20042021 02
  • Gabriela Vanga George 20042021 01

The work 'George' takes us back to the seemingly archaic times just a few decades ago, to the times before digital programs for facial recognition and facial animation. George, that was the name of an imaginary friend of the artist as a young girl. Gabriela Vanga tried to reconstruct the young man's appearance years later, in 2004. For this, she worked with the different foils for individual parts of the face, which in pre-digital times were used by criminologists to construct a mug shot. The parts she has chosen for the chin, eyes or forehead, and hairline are distributed over the four panels. It is left to the imagination and combinatorial intelligence of the viewer to assemble these fragments into a face as they pass by.

The large print version of the work in a hallway of Deutsche Telekom in Bonn was realized in 2021.

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