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Genti Korini

*1979 in Tirana, Albania, lives in Tirana.

Genti Korini grew up in dictator Enver Hoxer's late, stalinist Albania. At the outbreak of the Albanian Rebellion in 1997 he studied at the Art Academy 'Ion Andreescu' in Cluj-Napoca in Romania. From 2001 until 2002 he finished his studies at the Academy of Fine Arts in Tirana. Despite their highly individual approaches quite a number of young painters, students from the Academy in Cluj, have been branded at the 1. Prague Biennale in 2003 under the term Cluj-School for their high skilled painting technique and narrative figurative style. Genti Korini is not part of this group. His approach to painting and the painted imagination is abstract and concentrated on painting as a strategic and visual approach to the space inside the frame of a canvas. The spatial constructions of his painting are creating a visual word of its own, only existing in the realm of their own creation. He is a painter in the truest sense of the word.

Abstract 12–15

Genti Korini's approach to painting and the painted imagination concentrates on a constructed visual colour space within the framed picturial space. The spatial dimensions and contructions of his paintings create their own visual world that is inspired by architecture and sculpture, but only exists within the realm of its own conception.

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