Refik Anadol

Machine Hallucinations – Satellite Simulations: B


  • Refik Anadol, Machine Hallucination Satellite Simulation: B, Telekom Headquarter

    AI Data Painting, Video, Colour, Sound

    16' looped

Satellite Simulations: B is a Data Sculpture that utilizes over 2 million images that were captured and recorded by the ISS, Hubble, and MRO telescopes as a dataset for the machine's simulations. lt is part of Anadol's ongoing research project, Machine Hallucinations, a synesthetic reality experiment based on GAN algorithms developed by artificial intelligence.

A sensory experience that simulates continuous movement and interaction, Satellite Simulations: B showcases a mas­terful utilization of cutting-edge artificial intelligence tech­nologies and scientific tools of data analysis. The fluidity of the visual patterns not only performs a digital simulation of space-related data, but also represent the many inter­ locking layers of space, humanity, science, and technology.

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