Nedko Solakov

The Yellow Blob Story


  • Nedko Solakov, The Yellow Blob Story, 1997

    Yellow paint, handwritten text with black marker

    Dimension variable

Someone, not really a professional painter, might have started to paint a large wall in a long hallway at the Headquarter of Deutsche Telekom in a bright and strong yellow colour. The work has not been finished, yet, so there is only a large and long, quite irregular yellow colour field, a yellow blob. But on one edge of the yellow field there is a hand written note, saying that it was ordered by the artist, who is Nedko Solakov from Bulgaria, but he could not remember, what might have been the reason for it. There must have been one. Art has always a reason. All our projects and activities have a reason, are well planned and precisely thought out. And if not?

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