Piotr Łakomy

Untitled (Trouser)


  • Piotr Łakomy, Untitled (Trouser), 2015

    Aluminium honeycomb, reflective fabric, Velcro

    100 x 20 x 35 cm

The three works 'Untitled' (torso, sleeve, trouser) are closely related. Each individual object represents a shell for the space that parts of the human body, here the torso, a leg and an arm, could have taken up in the space for a moment. You hold onto this area, which is only filled for a moment. They try a kind of memory of the physical, which changes its positions in constant motion. So it is literally a place where the body has been. It is not a concrete memory, but a very abstract, sculptural idea that Piotr Łakomy pursues in these early works. The fragile works try to capture the invisible, the past and also the transient of any physical presence.

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