Łakomy, Piotr


Piotr Łakomy

*1983 in Gorzów Wielkopolski, Poland. Lives and works in Poznan, Poland.

About Piotr Łakomy

  • Piotr Lakomy 2017 Installation for Polprawda Halftruth at Krolikarnia Warsaw
    Piotr Łakomy with Untitled (Sleeve), 2017
  • Keeping the Balance Ludwig Museum Budapest Installation view Piotr Lakomy
    Piotr Lakomy on 'Neighbour Bathroom Door', 2019
    Keeping the Balance at Ludwig Museum Budapest
  • Piotr Lakomy Krolikarnia 2017
    Outdoorsculpture Krolikarnia, 2017
  • Piotr Lakomy Fenix at Edward Krasinskis Studio Warsaw 2019 jpg
    Fenix, Edward Krasiński's Studio, 2019

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