Anna Hulačová: Bugonia and Alien Bees


Anna Hulačová: Bugonia and Alien Bees

30 Jan – 28 Apr 2024
Kahan Art Space Vienna
  • Anna Hulačová, exhibition view Bugonia and Alien Bees, Kahan Art Space Vienna, 2024
  • Anna Hulačová, Alien beehives, 2021
  • Anna Hulačová, Relief 1: Pollination, 2024
  • Anna Hulačová, Relief 2: Plowing, 2024

Kahan Art Space Vienna is presenting the first solo exhibition in Austria by Czech artist Anna Hulačová, born in 1984, under the title Bugonia and Strange Bees. Curated by Michal Novotny, director of the Collection of Post-1945 Art at the National Gallery in Prague, the exhibition revolves around the theme of beekeeping. The artist's sculptures and reliefs draw on the history of Czech folklore, socialist concrete sculptures and the Western esotericism of the 1990s, UFOs and the iconology of crop circles.

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