Artists about Art: Ciprian Mureşan


Artists about Art: Ciprian Mureşan

  • Ciprian Mureşan, Studio, 2021
  • Ciprian Mureşan, Studio.01, 2021
  • Ciprian Mureşan, Studio.02, 2021
  • Ciprian Mureşan, Studio.03, 2021

Romanian artist Ciprian Mureşan allows us a glimpse into his studio in the summer of 2021, where his current sculptures are created. As in the series of 'Forgotten Sculptures' from 2020 or in the group of works 'The Invisible Clerk' from 2013, the artist deals with the forgotten sculptures of the socialist era. He uses them as a malleable material, deforms, fragments, and combines them into a contemporary and enormously present form.

Camera: Paul Stoie

Music: Catalin Ilie

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