Ioana Nemeș: Times Colliding


Ioana Nemeș: Times Colliding

13 Sep – 18 Nov 2023
Between Bridges, Berlin
  • Ioana Nemes, Monthly Evaluations 10.08.2006, 2011, Courtesy KILOBASE BUCHAREST/Ioana Nemes Archive
    Ioana Nemeș, Monthly Evaluations - 10.08.2006, 2011
  • Ioana Nemes, Monthly Evaluations 1.01.2009,2011
    Ioana Nemes, Monthly Evaluations - 1.01.2009, 2011

Ioana Nemeș (1979 - 2011) has her first solo exhbition in Germany. The exhibition titled 'Times Colliding' at Between Bridges, a non-commercial artspace in Berlin, presents works from the series 'Monthly Evaluations', a diagrammatic system developed by the artist with the desire to 'record, dissect, understand and describe the intangible things as life or time'. The exhibition was curated by Kilobase Bucharest, Fanny Hauser and Viktor Neumann.

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