Karina Synytsia – Message to My Friend


Karina Synytsia – Message to My Friend

  • Karen Synytsia, Message to My Friend, 2024, videostill
  • Karina Synytsia, Galeria Labirynt, Lublin, Poland, exhibition view 2024
    'It is impossible to repair cracks in a dry layer'
    Galeria Labirynt, 23.02.–17.03.2024, Lublin, Poland
  • Karina Synytsia, Sparks in the Dark, work in progress, 2023
    'Sparks in the Dark' artist residency
    European Capital of Culture Timișoara - 2023
  • Karina Synytsia, Sparks in the Dark, 2023

Karina Synytsia is an attentive observer of fissures and fractures. She notices and thematises the cracks that open up between promises, hopes and banal reality. This ranges from promises of a paradisiacal, socialist society from her parents' and grandparents' past to the more recent promises of capitalism and the actual promises of an open, democratic Ukraine integrated into Europe in peace.

Karina Synytsia was born in 1999 in Sjewerodonezk in the Luhansk region - currently under Russian occupation. From 2015 to 2019, she studied painting at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Kharkiv.

She lives and works in Kyiv.

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