Sergiy Petlyuk – The War


Sergiy Petlyuk – The War

  • Sergiy Petlyuk The War 2023 Video still
  • Sergiy Petlyuk, Dreams about Europe, 2012, Video installation
    Dreams about Europe, 2012
  • Sergiy Petlyuk, Great Mental Wall, 2017, Interactive multimedia installation
    Great Mental Wall, 2017
  • Sergiy Petlyuk. The Hymn, 2018, Multichannel video installation
    The Hymn, 2018
  • Sergiy Petlyuk, Shards of Reality, 2023, Video installation
    Shards of Reality, 2023

Ukrainian artist Sergiy Petlyuk is represented in the current exhibition 'Testimony - Boris Lurie & Contemporary Art from Eastern Europe' at the NMN, Neues Museum Nürnberg (14 June - 17 November 2024) with his video work 'Shards of Reality'.

Sergiy Petlyuk lives and works in Lviv, in the west of Ukraine. He is one of the artists who deals intensively, critically and creatively with the role of new media and the virtual duplication of visual realities.

For the series 'Artists about Art / Life / War' of the Art Collection Telekom, he made a video clip contribution that quotes his works 'Shards' and 'Filling the Endless' and attempts to give expression to the silencing of words in the face of the suffering and horrors of war.

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