Tobias Putrih with Ardalan Sadeghikivi – Order of Sweetness


Tobias Putrih with Ardalan Sadeghikivi – Order of Sweetness

19 Jun – 15 Sep 2024
CUKRARNA, Poljanski nasip 40, 1000 Ljubljana
  • Tobias Putrih (with Ardalan Sadeghikivi), Order of Sweetness, Cukrarna, Photo Blaz Gutman MGML
  • Tobias Putrih, Red sladkosti / Order of Sweetness, 2024

In collaboration with the artist, architect and programmer Ardalan Sadeghikivi, the Boston and Ljubljana-based artist Tobias Putrih has developed an installation for the lobby of the Cukrarna.

The installation 'Order of Sweetness' uses various computer simulations, such as the simulation of a fall of the wall panels from a height of 2,864 metres, the highest mountain in Slovenia, and transformations of words in colour and poems by Josip Murn-Aleksandrov into abstract formations.

The exhibition was curated by director Alenka Gregorič. Tobias Putrih has been represented in the Art Collection Telekom since 2014 with the large installation 'Mudam Studio' from 2006.

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