Kulunčić (EQUALS collective), Andrea


Andrea Kulunčić (EQUALS collective)

Initiated in 2016 in Zagreb, Croatia.

About Andrea Kulunčić (EQUALS collective)

EQUALS Collective (ISTE) was initiated by Andreja Kulunčić and is a group of women from Zagreb of various ethnic, religious, racial and sexual identities. The aim of their activity is directing attention to the presence of discrimination in Croatian society, and raising awareness on the importance of acceptance of diversity. The collective is led by Andreja Kulunčić, a visual artist; the other members wish to remain anonymous.
The work of the EQUALS Collective comprises a series of posters, billboards and animations that sensitise attitudes to women of diverse ethnic, religious, racial and sexual affiliations.

Through a series of workshop meetings, the members of the EQUALS Collective defined the basic problems they meet at an everyday and institutional level, the results of discriminatory behaviour and discriminatory legislation: fear of going through certain parts of the city because of their skin colour or religious emblems (the hijab), embarrassment at using their own language (Arabic), the inability of a same-sex couple to adopt a child and difficulties in being granted asylum. Together the members of the collective devise a public campaign in which they speak in the first person about these problems. When these problems are spoken out in public, in an animated video shared on social networks or in posters in city light boxes and on billboards, they cease to be the problems of a given person or a group of people, but are manifested as symptoms of collective identities.

  • Keeping the balance Ludwig Museum Budapest Installation view Andreja Kuluncic
    Andreja Kuluncic on 'Equals - for the Acceptance of Diversity', 2017
    Keeping the Balance at Ludwig Museum Budapest
  • Equals - For The Acceptance of Diversity, Documentation, Telekom Headquarters, Bonn
    Equals - For the Acceptance of Diversity, Telekom Headquarters, Bonn

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