Grubić, Igor


Igor Grubić

*1969 in Zagreb, Yugoslavia, now Croatia. Lives and works in Zagreb.

About Igor Grubić

Since the early 1990ies Igor Grubić started as a multimediaartist in Zagreb, mainly working with photography, video and site specific interventions. His art is socially and politically engaged and deals with the changes of a society living in transition from state socialism to liberal democracy, from a planned economy to a free market economy.

One of Grubić' s most famous performances/ interactions was Black Peristyle in 1998. He clandestinely painted a black circle in the middle of the peristyle of Diocletian's palace in Split, one of the major touristic attractions in Croatia. It was an hommage to an action that took place 30 years ago, in 1968, where a group of artists painted the peristyle in red. As in 1969, Grubić' s intervention in 1998 was classified as an act of vandalism againt a historical monument by the public authorities.

His works were shown internationally at Manifesta 4 (Frankfurt, 2002); Manifesta 9 (Genk, 2012); 11. Istanbul Biennial (2009); Gwangju Biennale (2014); Zero Tolerance, and MOMA PS1 (New York 2014). In 2019 he represented Crotia at the 58th Venice Biennale. The exhibition was the result of a 13 years ongoing documetation on the transformation in habitation, public space and industrial landscape. It was titled 'Traces of Disappearing' and consisted of three photographical essays 'Wild House', 'Filigree Sidewalk', 'Deconstruction of Factory' and a short-film 'How the Steel was Tempered'.

  • Igor Grubić, Portrait
    Igor Grubić, portrait
  • Keeping the Balance Installation view Ludwig Museum Budapest Igor Grubic
    Igor Grubic on '366 Liberation Rituals', 2008-2009
    Keeping the Balance at Ludwig Museum Budapest
  • Igor Grubić, Black Peristyle, 1998
    Igor Grubić at Creative Time Summit, 2009
  • Igor Grubić, How Steel Was Tempered, 2018, filmstill
    Igor Grubić, How Steal Was Tempered, 2018, Trailer

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