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Levan Chelidze

*1990 in Georgia, lives in Tbilisi, Georgia.

Gossip Women

At the end of his studies at the University of Fine Arts in Tbilisi, in 2012 and 2013, young Georgian artist Levan Chelidze worked on a series of paintings. His fellow students individually posed for him and were arranged in groups in different paintings by the artist. The political situation, especially at the Academy was tense and dominated by controversial discussions on the future of artistic freedom and the choice of professors. The students were often not well-informed. Inconsistent gossips and assumptions prevailed the discussions between the artists and the portrayed while painting.

The title of the series 'Gossip' refers to a political impotence, that leaves the concerned parties in doubt about their future through dis- and misinformation and robs them their freedom of action and decision.

Girl with Broken Pestle

Levan Chelidze is a painter, who creates an intimate relation to his friends and acquaintances, former fellow students and artists by portraying them in his painterly interventions. The beautiful young woman, depicted as the 'Girl with Broken Pestle', reveals two sides of her own personality.

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