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Hristina Ivanoska

*1974 in Skopje, Northern Macedonia, lives in Skopje.

Untitled (Prodigality and madness, sweetness and bitterness, hysteria and mystery)

Both 'Untitled' textworks have been part of the series related to the exhibition 'We are all in this alone', realized for the Macedonian Pavilion at the Venice Biennale in 2015. Luce Irigaray's essay 'La Mystérique' is the source for the golden shining paper cuts. Luce Irigaray was born in 1930 and is a French feminist psychoanalyst and cultural theoretician. In her essay 'La Mystérique' she explores the emotional relationship with God, whose understanding might be a reflection of a patriarchial imagination.

Untitled (Artist is not a civil servant)

In her artistic practice Hristina Ivanoska reflects about the role of the artist in our society. She uses the tradionally to womens work connected embroidery technique for this kind of text banner. There are two texts. The strong political statement that the 'Artist Is Not A Civil Servant' is getting interwoven with the rather philosophical sentence about some transformation of the historical quality of documents into monuments. We might ask ourselves, if this might be the alternative? Not to act as a civil servant and fulfilling the wishes, needs and desires of the civic society but to change the fragile nature of history, as it is fixed in documents, into the solid reality of monumental artistic statements? Both positions might be a failure, but what is the real alternative?

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