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Radenko Milak / Roman Uranjek

Radenko Milak was born 1980 in Travnik, Bosnia and Herzegovina. He started his studies at the Art Academy in Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina in 1999 and continued them at the University of Arts in Belgrade, Serbia, in 2003. 

Roman Uranjek was born in 1961 in Trbovlje, Slovenia. He is co-founder of the artist groups Neue Slowenische Kunst (NSK) and IRWIN Group.


'Dates' is a joint project by Radenko Milak and Roman Uranjek which started in early 2015. In their work, both artists deal independently with the phenomenon of seriality and time. In 2002 Roman Uranjek began with 'At least one cross a day after 1.1.2002'. Every day since he has created an artwork with a cross. The result can be read as an alternative to a diary.
A similar procedure applies to '365. Images of Time' by Radenko Milak. One watercolour for every day, refering to an event of the day without taking the year into account. The linear perception of time gets mixed up.
For 'Dates', Radenko Milak and Roman Uranjek have fused both series and created new dyptichs. Time and space are redefined by the artists.

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