Sanja Iveković

Women's House (Sunglasses)

2002; work in progress

  • Sanja Iveković, Women's House (Sunglasses), 2002; work in progress

    10 Poster, digital pigment print on 305 grs. cotton paper

    each 144 x 104 cm

The series 'Women's House' started in 1998 with the engagement of the artist for a Women's House in Zagreb. Part of the project was also a series of posters 'Women's House (Sunglasses)'. For these the artist used advertisement motives for luxury sunglasses and printed on top of them short excerpts from statements of women, who had become victims of domestic violence and terror. The posters were presented in exhibitions, published in newspapers or put on billboards, for bringing the issue to public awareness and in search of support.

In the following years the project was continued in collaboration with women's houses in other cities like Luxemburg, Bangkok, Pristina and Utrecht. Documented on the posters in the Art Collection Telekom are four organisations: Polish Federation for Women and Family; Mor Cati Women’s Shelter, Istanbul; UDI – Transitional Living Centre against violence; Genua; Autonomous Women’s House, Zagreb.

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