Art Collection Telekom at Art Cologne 2015


Art Collection Telekom at Art Cologne 2015

16 Apr – 19 Apr 2015
Art Cologne 2015, Passage 3/11, Cologne
  • Art Collection Telekom, Art Cologne 2015
    'How to Deal with the Pigs‘
    Volodymr Kuznetsov, Art Cologne 2015
  • Volodymyr Kuznetsov, Art Cologne 2015
    Volodymr Kuznetsov
    Art Cologne 2015

Presentation of recent acquisitions for the Art Collection Telekom by two Ukrainian artists Ksenia Gnilitska and Volodymr Kuznetsov at Art Cologne 2015. Ksenia Gnilitska shows her work 'Fragile of Identification‘. Volodymr Kuznetsov working on the realisation of the wallpainting 'How to Deal with the Pigs‘ a day before the opening of the 49. Art Fair in Cologne.

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