Sanja Iveković. Works of Heart (1974–2022)


Sanja Iveković. Works of Heart (1974–2022)

04 Oct 2022 – 12 Mar 2023
Kunsthalle Wien
  • Sanja Ivekovic Works of Heart Exhibition view Kunsthalle Wien
    Sanja Iveković, Works of Heart (1974-2022), Exhibition view Kunsthalle Wien, Photo: Boris Cvjetanović Wien
  • Sanja Ivekovic Womens House Sunglasses 2002 ongoingjpg
    Sanja Iveković, Women's House (Sunglasses), 2002-ongoing

The solo exhibition 'Sanja Iveković. Works of Heart (1974-2022)' at Kunsthalle Wien presents works by one of the pioniers of feminist art in Eastern Europe. The exhibition shows early feminist pieces that focused on the relationship between mass media and ideology, later projects that examine the transformation of Balkan countries from socialist to capitalist political systems, as well as ongoing projects such as Women’s House (Sunglasses), 2002-ongoing which is also part of the Art Collection Telekom.

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