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Roman Ondak

*1966 in Žilina, Slovak Republic, lives in Bratislava, Slovak Republic.


Futuropolis is a group of 100 drawings which were drawn not by the artist himself but by his friends and acquaintances at his request. The drawings show how these people imagine the city of the future.

Guided tour (Follow me)

What might the future look like in a city that lives on its past, on the many tourists that come not to see the socialist past of latter decades but the distant past in its architectural relics? Can a city like that change or is it frozen in its historic dress? Does it still offer prospects to young people beyond seasonal services in the tourist industry? In Zadar, a town in southern Croatia, there was an opportunity to book a tour in the summer high season as part of Zadar Alive 2 / Intermuros 2002. The twelve-year-old tour guide did not touch on the historic past of the places, he told a slowly unfolding story about buildings that are being built and sporting successes that will be achieved in the future. This is documented by Roman Ondak in the short video 'Guided tour (Follow me)'.

Guided Tour (Follow me)
1 Channel video projection, colour, sound, running time 05'00"
Edition 2/3 + 2 AP

Lucky Day

Almost all of us are familiar with them, the small gestures and private rituals we use to try to draw fickle Lady Luck onto our side. Throwing a coin into a fountain to make a wish to return to this place some day is one of the more commonly known small sacrificial rituals to the power of fortune. It is early morning; a young man is walking along a street in a medieval-style city, he is carrying a paper bag in his hands, he wanders through a number of streets until he reaches a small fountain and empties the entire contents of the bag into the fountain. Ten thousand sparkling silver coins, that must be a Lucky Day! 

Roman Ondak created 'Lucky Day' as a short, four-minute-long 16 mm film in 2006 in Santiago de Compostela, a place of pilgrimage where questions of faith and hope play a key role. Maybe it's no coincidence that the fountain on the Praza de Fonseca is not dedicated to any particular saint, but many people in Galicia claim that the water in this fountain has healing properties. The water protects against blindness.

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