DIVERSITY UNITED – The Artistic Face of Europe


DIVERSITY UNITED – The Artistic Face of Europe

09 Jun – 19 Sep 2021
Flughafen Tempelhof, Berlin, Hangar 2+3
Diversity United, Berlin, Wolfgang Tillmans, Aleksandra Domanović, Photo Silke Briel

The exhibition 'Diversity United' presents works from nearly 90 artists from Europe. The exhibition has the intention to address important topics to foster dialogue in Europe. Among them: Dreams and Democracy, Crisis and Resistance, Memory and Conflict, Dialogues and Diaries, Power and Equality, Futures and Enlightenment, Borders and Boundaries, Landscapes and Mindscapes, Action and Abstraction. Also, artists whose biographies are linked to Eastern Europe are presented in a significant number. In addition to the loans of works by Sanja Iveković and Martina Vacheva from the Collection, these also include 11 other artists whose works have been represented in the Art Collection Telekom for several years.

More about the artists

    Pavel Braila, The Hottest Summer in the Winter Palace, 2015, Videostill

    Pavel Brăila

    *1971 in Chișinău, Moldova. Lives and works in Chișinău and Berlin, Germany.

    Work: The Hottest Summer in the Winter Palace


    Aleksandra Domanović, Votive: Partridge, 2016 (Vorderansicht)

    Aleksandra Domanović

    *1981 in Novi Sad, Yugoslavia, now Serbia. Lives and works in Berlin, Germany.

    Work: Votive: Partridge


    Petrit Halilaj, You used to fly... (Qëndresa), 01, 2018

    Petrit Halilaj

    *1986 in Kostërrc, Yugoslavia, now Kosovo. Lives and works in Priština, Kosovo, and Berlin, Germany.

    Work: You used to fly, go everywhere and wake up those who are asleep (Qëndresa)


    Sanja Iveković, Women's House (Sunglasses), 2002; work in progress

    Sanja Iveković

    *1949 in Zagreb, Yugoslavia, now Croatia. Lives and works in Zagreb.

    Work: Women's House (Sunglasses)


    Šejla Kamerić, Behind the Scene I, 2019

    Šejla Kamerić

    *1976 in Sarajevo, Yugoslavia, now Bosnia and Herzegovina. Lives and works in Sarajevo and Berlin, Germany.

    Work: Behind the Scenes I


    Eva Kot'átková, Group Therapy, 2016

    Eva Kot'átková

    *1982 in Prague, Czechia. Lives and works in Prague.

    Work: Group Therapy


    Roman Ondak, Lucky Day, 2006, Videostill

    Roman Ondak

    *1966 in Žilina, Slovakia. Lives and works in Bratislava, Slovakia.

    Work: Lucky Day


    Dan Perjovschi, Dialogue, from the Fish Eye Series, 1986–1987

    Dan Perjovschi

    *1961 in Sibiu, Romania. Lives and works in Sibiu.

    Work: Dialogue, from the Fish-Eye Series


    Agnieszka Polska, The Thousand-Year Plan. 2021, photo: Daniel Chrobak

    Agnieszka Polska

    *1985 in Lublin, Poland. Lives and works in Warsaw, Poland.

    Work: The Thousand-Year Plan


    Slavs & Tatars, Molla Nasreddin the Antimodern, 2012, 9th Gwangju Biennale

    Slavs and Tatars

    Founded in 2006. Live and work in Berlin.

    Work: Molla Nasreddin the Antimodern


    Nedko Solakov, Reality Home, 1990

    Nedko Solakov

    *1957 in Cherven Bryag, Bulgaria. Lives and works in Sofia, Bulgaria.

    Work: Reality Home


    Trashland, 2020,  Martina Vacheva

    Martina Vacheva

    *1988 Plovdiv, Bulgaria. Lives and works in Plovdiv and Brittany, France.

    Work: Trashland


    Nil Yalter, Neuenkirchen: Ruth Schmidt, Germany, 1975, (1/8)

    Nil Yalter

    *1938 in Cairo, Egypt. Lives and works in Paris, France.

    Work: Neuenkirchen, Ruth Schmidt, Germany


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