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Marko Tadić

*1979 in Sisak, Croatia, lives in Zagreb, Croatia.

Setting up the View

Works of Marko Tadić are marked by their own scalation. Many works are arranged in scenarios, which seem to resemble scaled models of exhibition spaces. His animated videoworks are presented in wooden boxes, which could act as models for huge cinemas with gigantic screens. If you place yourself into the model, the scale is enlarging. Miniature artworks of a few centimetres obtain monumental weight. Drawings and paintings on small photoprints are indeed gigantic artistic statements in relation to the altitude of the represented buildings. In such a way, Marko Tadić reserves for art a space full of possibilities, potentiality and allusions. This elegant argument for an artistic utopia leaves the question open, if the miniatures themselves are the artworks or if they are just sketches, studies and small crafts, which only illustrate the true monumental work.

Marko Tadić represented Croatia 2017 at the 57. Biennale di Venezia.

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