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Anatoly Belov

*1977 in Kyiv, Ukraine, lives in Kyiv.


Sex Medicated Rock-n-Roll II

He loves me and fondles,
Hugs, takes care, isn't rude
My man!
He respects me and gives food,
And kisses me and jokes
My man!!!
He doesn't drink alcohol, doesn't smoke,
Doesn't shout, doesn't beat me, doesn't make me a fool
My man!!!
He will help, will do, will be able,
Will give money and flowers!
My man!!!

Sex Medicated Rock-n-Roll III

Where is our home?
Looks like he's gone,
And we remained all into oblivion.
We have lost the connection with the world,
And we walk through the mountains,
Like ghosts ...

Sex Medicated Rock-n-Roll IV

I need to put my clothes on because now I have human nature.

Sex Medicated Rock-n-Roll

The short film may function as a trailer for a long opera film or a musical. The scene plays agains the backdrop of the wide spread homophobia in the Ukraine. In the former Soviet Republic it is for the LGBTQ community nearly impossible to live a respected and peaceful life.

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