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Yane Calovski

*1973 in Skopje, Republic of Northern–Macedonia, lives in Skopje.

By Yane Calovski there are also a few works in the Art Collection Telekom, which have been realized together with Hristina Ivanoska. Both artists founded in 2004 in Skopje 'press to exit project space': A space dedicated to promote and connect the contemporary art scene in Northern–Macedonia with an international network of institutions and initiatives. The work group 'Obessive Setting' has been created by Yane Calovski alone.

Obsessive Setting (drawings)

The installation and the drawings 'Obsessive Setting' refer to the master plan developed since 1965 by the Japanese architectural office, Kenzo Tange Associates, for the re-building of Skopje, which was destroyed by nearly 70% in 1963 by an earthquake. The plan was never completely realized; instead, it is marked by the discrepancies between utopia for a city, planned on the drawing board, and the real need of the population. The work by Yane Calovski is based on photographs and material from the quite desolate but still existing archive of the office in Skopje.

The 12 drawings are based on documentary photographs showing the team of Kenzo Tange Associates working on the master plan for the rebuilding of Skopje.

Obsessive Setting (archive prototype I)

The sculptural unit refers to modular elements developed by the Japanese architect to function as a study and research for the minimum of space needed for a living and working unit.

Three additional photographs are documenting the still existing elements of the model for the new city.

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